The Most Comprehensive Market Research In The Luxury Handbag Industry

Premium Edition.

Premium Edition Package includes

  • 200-page hardcover version of the Full Edition report (see extract)
  • A secured digital version of the Full Edition report
  • A  tailor made presentation of the report findings to the brand management (at the client’s office if located near DLG offices in Europe, US and China – per conf call if not)
  • 2x Timely Updates in March and July 2013 to review latest market trends
  • Database Extracts allowing custom benchmarking and consolidation with internal reporting solutions

Report – Table of Contents

I. Deciphering Global Demand

  • Geographic Search Origin
  • The Rise of the BRIC Markets
  • Handbag Affinity Index

Competitive Benchmark – The Most Popular Handbag Brands

  • Brand Market Share – Global Ranking
  • Handbag Category Search Breakdown
  • Brand Market Share – Powerhouse Focus
  • Brand Market Share – Premium Focus
  • Brand Market Share – Prestige Focus
  • Brand Market Share – High-end Focus
  • Market Exposure by Product Category

Competitive Benchmark – Model Specific Demand

  • Model Ranking – Global Demand

Luxury Handbag Consumer Behavior

  • The Luxury Handbag Consumer Profile
  • Price Sensitivity by Market
  • Vintage Business
  • Counterfeit issue

Product Focus – What are Handbag Consumers Interested in?

  • Most Popular Handbag Styles
  • Most Popular Handbag Materials
  • Most Popular Colors and Prints
  • Most Popular Handbag Sizes

II. Market Perspectives

10 markets are covered in the Full Edition
Europe France, Germany, Italy, Russia, United Kingdom
Asia China, India, Japan
Americas Brazil, United States

Each Market chapter includes the following metrics:

  • Market Fact Sheet: Summary of local findings
  • Brand Market Share (Top 50 Handbag Brands)
  • Category Search Breakdown
  • Model-Specific Interest (Top 50 Handbag Collections and Models)
  • Luxury Handbag Consumer Behavior
  • Product Focus: The Most Sought-After Handbag Styles, Materials, Colors & Prints, Sizes

III. Brand Profiles

1-page Dashboard for each of the Top 50 handbag brands globally, providing a comprehensive review of brand specific performance indicators:

  • Geographical Demand Breakdown
  • Monthly Demand Evolution (Jan-Jun 2012)
  • Handbag Consumer Behavior
  • Most in Demand Collections and Models
  • Breakdown of searches per Style, Material, Color, Size

Timely Updates

In addition to the yearly Full Edition report, Premium Edition subscribers receive 2 report updates a year in order to be informed about the latest trends in market & consumer trends, changes of Brands & Models rankings, as well as key industry reviews, as per the following 2013 calendar:


In-depth review of brands, models and market trends during the busy holiday sales period:

  • Which markets increased the most? For which brands? Models? Styles? Material? Colors?
  • Update on important changes to the performance of brands and styles since the previous report


In-depth review of new product launches since September 2011 :

  • Which product novelties generated the highest impact among prospective clientele? From which market? Which trends can be derived?
  • Update on important changes to the performance of brands and styles since the previous report

Database Extracts

In order to respond to requests from brands to consolidate WorldHandbagReport benchmarking indicators within internal reporting solutions, Digital Luxury Group now provides database extracts allowing advanced data filtering such as:

  • Custom brand segmentations
  • Cross-country comparisons
  • Monthly data sets
  • Breakdown by Search intention and search engines
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