The Most Comprehensive Market Research In The Luxury Handbag Industry

Report contents.

Main indicators include:

Market Trends

Identification of the forces that are driving the handbag industry forward:

  • Deciphering global demand
  • In-depth analysis of local demand in 10 markets, including BRIC

Consumer Trends

Understanding global and local trends in terms of:

  • Spontaneous interest of prospective clientele (brands, models, price, distribution, vintage, etc.)
  • Preferences for handbag styles (totes, hobos, etc.), material (leather, lambskin, etc.), color (black, blue, etc.) and sizes (mini, jumbo, etc.)

Competitive Benchmark

Exhaustive rankings, globally and per market, of the most in-demand handbags:

  • By Brand (among 120+)
  • By Models and Collections (among 500+)

Brand Profiles

50 Brand Fact Sheets providing detailed metrics for the most in demand brands, including:

  • Geographical Demand Breakdown
  • Monthly Demand Evolution
  • Breakdown of searches per style, material, color and size
  • Most in demand models and collections

Tailored to your needs

The WorldHandbagReport™ is available in 3 main editions to address the various needs of the luxury handbag industry. Digital Luxury Group also provides custom data related to specific brands upon request.

Market Trends.

Competitive Benchmark by Brand.

Competitive Benchmark by Collection.

Consumer Preferences.

Consumer Behavior.

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